Death of a Database

I was having trouble on my server with the lsass.exe process crashing. After looking through the articles on, I tried one of the available solutions. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry, and it wasn’t until I had already modified the registry and rebooted that I noticed that the solution was only valid for Windows 2000 Professional, and NOT Windows Server 2003. Sonuva…

So, long story short, both tech support and I were unable to log into my server, and they had to reload the OS. All of the data is gone, hence the new version of the blogging software that I use on my site.

Lessons learned:
(1) Before modifying the registry, read the article all the way through.
(2) Make backups early and often.

The plus side is that I get to try out this new software sooner than I thought. Anyway, it is still in beta, so please be patient if you experience any issues.