Bye-bye, Peja … Or Not

I appreciate everything Peja has given to Sacramento.  He’s a helluva a player, and I understand that he has done a lot for the community while he was here.  But, he made a chronic habit out of disappearing at the end of some very important games, and he doesn’t exactly evoke images of toughness.

Enter Ron Artest.  I don’t think he’ll be the Kings’ savior, but I do think he’ll add some much-needed grit and defense.  Let’s see some bloodied noses and black eyes (figuratively speaking), and let’s hope his edge carries over to some of his new teammates.

Best of luck to Peja with this new team.  I’m excited to see what Artest can do. 

Edit: Looks like it may been rejected by Artest.

Edit2: And it’s done.  No trade.