I just learned something interesting — or frightening, depending on how you look at it — from my coworkers regarding the size of India. 

I know that India has ~1 billion people.  Just glancing at the map, it appears to be a rather large country, but they informed me that India is roughly the size of Texas!* 

Now, there are ~20 million people in the state of Texas, many of whom suffer from AHS (Ass-Hat Syndrome), so you can imagine how horribly fucked up the people of Texas would be if 1 billion people lived in that small of an area.

Holy chit, man.

* The CIA Factbook says that India is actually a little bigger than 1/3 the size of the U.S., but still…  We have ~280 million people in the entire country.  Can you imagine 1 billion of us squished into an area 1/3 of its current size?

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