100% Badass

Holy crap, read this guy’s obituary.  Highlights:

He volunteered to join a reconnaissance patrol whose mission was to capture an enemy prisoner for interrogation.

As he and his comrades walked up the rough slope of Hill 499, they came under enemy attack by automatic weapons and small-arms fire. Bleak tended to the casualties and then rejoined the men to continue fighting up the hill. From a concealed trench, communist forces again mowed down many U.S. soldiers.

At this point, Bleak ran into the trench, killed two of the enemy with his large hands — breaking one’s neck and crushing the other’s windpipe — and killed a third by plunging his trench knife into the man’s chest. He then jumped atop a fellow soldier to block the impact of a grenade that had just bounced off the man’s helmet and rolled into the trench.

During that engagement, Bleak was shot in the leg but ignored his wound to care for others. Later, while heading back to Allied lines with a wounded buddy hanging from his broad shoulders, he was attacked by two communist soldiers armed with bayonets.

“Closing with the aggressors, he grabbed them and smacked their heads together, then carried his helpless comrade down the hill to safety,” according to Bleak’s citation for the Medal of Honor, the military’s highest award for valor.

This man was the real Ultimate Fighter.