I feel bad

For two reasons:

  1. Kelly had food poisoning over the past 24 hours.  If you’ve ever had food poisoning before, you know that it is a very unpleasant thing to experience.  She seems to be on the up-and-up now, though.
  2. Joseph has to return to Malaysia in two weeks.  I, of course, only heard one side of the story, but it sounds like his staffing firm flaked on him by not renewing his H1-B visa.  His original plan was to work here for several years, gaining valuable experience in some of our larger corporations, but that obviously cannot happen now.  Poor guy — he has to liquidate everything in two weeks.  I heard him on the phone today cancelling non-essential utitilies.  He even tried to give me his brand-new TV, free of charge (I declined and said that if I take it, he’ll have to accept $50 from me).  This just sucks.  He’s good people, and crap like this shouldn’t happen to good people.