Faith Hill is hairy

I went with the inlaws last night to the Tim McGraw / Faith Hill "Soul2Soul II" concert at Arco Arena.  Here are my observations:

  • Faith Hill has the bushiest head of hair I have ever seen.  I wish I could have snapped a pic.  It was awe inspiring.  I'm still trying to shake the urge to lather up with Herbal Essences and moan like working girl.
  • The bartender in the Cantina on the top level of Arco (oh yes, our seats were THAT good) is the Coolest.  Bartender.  Evar.  Ask him for a shot of Jager, and he gives you half a CUP of Jager.  Brother-In-Law saw to it that I imbibed my fair share.
  • Coolest.  Bartender.  Evar.  helped me to realize that I can no longer run with the big dogs, though at least I didn't pull a Captain RedStar.
  • I need to listen to more country music.  I only recognized like 3 songs all night.
  • Arco Arena really is an outdated piece of junk.  I hope the bond measure passes this November.
  • Mother-In-Law is the Coolest.  Mother-In-Law.  Evar.  for taking us out for a night on the town.

Regarding our seats, these tickets must have been in high demand, because I ordered them the day they went on sale, at the hour they went on sale, and we still got stuck up in the nosebleeds – one row down from the very top!  That's okay, though — the music sounds just as good up there as it does down on the floor.

2 thoughts on “Faith Hill is hairy

  1. Kelly

    Wow! Is she your new Simba?? I agree, it was pretty damn big! Glad you could get drunk enough to enjoy the family moment 🙂

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