Double Pork Chop Sandwich

From Pierre Foods:

A giant 8.40 oz. sandwich with two specially seasoned, breaded pork patties. Patties are shaped like real pork chops [WTF are they made out of?!?] and breading stays crunchy out of the microwave. All on the world's greatest microwavable bun. 

A frozen-food, vending machine delight.  Take a look at its nutrition info.

I first saw one of these when I worked at VERITAS.  They replaced the cafeteria crew with vending machines (BTW, this is sign #1 that your company is tanking, and that you should find new employment post-haste; it only gets worse after they liquidate the food people), and this was one of the choices.  To my knowledge, nobody was ever brave enough to try one.  Except maybe this guy.

Obviously if they're still around, there's a market for them.  Which begs the question, who really eats these things?  And why?

3 thoughts on “Double Pork Chop Sandwich

  1. Geoffrey Sprague

    In 1997, Cablevision/Channel 12 of Connecticut had one of these rotating vending machines, and our graphic artist Dan Russo (picture a muscle-bound Curly from the 3 stooges w/a Brooklyn accent) would regularly pound down one of these monstrosities, covered in bar-b-q sauce. He would announce he was going to have a “Dubble Poawk chahp sand-o-wich!” (Add 10 calories for pronouncing it like that.) I don’t know what ever happened to him…

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