Announcing Sagara 2.0 Beta

We are pleased to announce the inception of a new project: Sagara 2.0.

Sagara 2.0 is still in the beta phase.  We expect to move into the Release Candidate phase within the next three months, and we will go gold somewhere around March 12, 2007.

Some of the new features include:

  • Upgraded user interface (better-looking than daddy)
  • Continuing our reputation for excellence (has mommy’s warm and endearing personality)

Here are some screen shots of a preview version of the new release:




Thank you for your continued business.  We look forward to working with you in the future!


Aw, who the hell am I kidding — we’re having a little one!

18 thoughts on “Announcing Sagara 2.0 Beta

  1. Greta & Danny

    Congratulations Kelly & Jon!
    So excited to meet the little one 🙂 … This also explains why Kelly would not partake in the winetasting at our last dinner 🙂
    Take care – we’ll see you soon to celebrate with some cider 🙂
    The Eoff’s

  2. Aunt Ree

    Congrats! We need more babies in the family – from an Aunt’s point of view. We love you!

  3. Martha & Travis

    Congrats on the impending little one! We are so happy for you both and not surprised at all!…
    Marth and Trav

  4. Aunt Carla

    I am so excited for you (and your mom(s)).
    Pedro will have to meet up with all the ?2nd cousins?
    How’s Homer taking it?
    Roswell thinks the babies are his puppys and we aren’t allowed to let them cry around him.

  5. Mike & Tarese

    Congrats on the little one…liars!! 🙂 It has been confirmed…I was right!! Both times we were drinking adult beverages and Kelly didn’t partake (not even a sip) I asked her if she was pregnant… “No, I’m just not a drinker!!” Yeah right…some of us were at your graduation party!! By the way, who does the user acceptance testing on the Beta version?
    Congrats on the miniature Hideo!!
    Mike & Tarese

  6. Katie

    Congratulations!! We had a feeling you would be making this announcemnent soon :). Can’t wait to meet the little one!!

  7. Jamie & Joey Flores

    How exciting! I hope your pregnancy continues to be wonderful. I’m so happy that our babies can grow up together.

  8. Heather

    Congrats!! Jon, you are such a dork!! I will laugh if this child has no interest in technological things!! I can’t wait to meet the little one!!

  9. Page & Charles Berghoffer

    Congrats on the new addition! We are happy for you, and look forward to seeing pictures in the future! You two must be just soooo excited! We hope to be soon…
    Page & Charles

  10. Lindsay

    AWWWW…it’s the cutest little peanut! Congrats you two, I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Sagara/Scott family!

  11. Chris and Jennifer

    Congrats Jon and Kelly! That’s great news. I know Homer will quickly take kindly to the little one because of all the food that will soon be dropped on the floor. Tahoe can tell him all about it.

  12. Kelly Sagara

    Wow!! How do you think of this? I guess this is your way of saying you’re excited!!
    I love you too, Daddy 🙂

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