Power outage

There was a bigtime power outage in our neck of the woods today.  Apparently some cement truck took out a power pole, and power was out from Antelope to Natomas to SMF.  Hopefully the driver is okay.

Pregnant Kelly, having spent an uncomfortable two hours coaching in a sweltering gym, decided it was unacceptable to sit it out at home, so she invited herself over to Beau and Michelle's.  They were extremely gracious, offering to have us over for dinner.  We quickly accepted.  Many thanks to the Offners for letting us crash at their place for a few hours, eat their food, and play with their kids.  Otherwise, we would have been sitting in our steaming house, sticking to the leather sofa, wondering what to do without TiVo or the Internets.

And can I just say…   Mmmm… Shake 'N Bake pork chops….   *Homer drool*