Jeff and Sarah

Jeff and Sarah got married this past Saturday in San Francisco.  The ceremony and reception were held at Dogpatch Studios, somewhat near to AT&T Park, and a $10 cab ride from Union Square.

Jeff is one of the more eccentric people I know, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but their wedding was one of the classier ones that I have been to in quite a while.  The ceremony was held in the 3rd floor loft.  Jeff and Sarah stood on a dais in the middle of the room, while the rest of us surrounded them in a big circle.  Afterward, the reception moved to the downstairs studio, which is a big, open warehouse room.  They decorated it very tastefully, and there were bean bags and couches all over the place.  The dessert table was filled with cupcakes and various other candies.  All of the kids in attendance would sneak over and grab handfuls of candy any chance they could get.  So did I.

Anyway, congrats to Jeff and Sarah and their families.  It’s always fun to see everyone together like that.  Too bad it only happens these days when there is a wedding to go to.

Oh, and they had a photo booth there, too, which was a great touch.  I can’t wait until Darci scans in the photos.





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