No, I’m not drunk and trying to tap out a Hanson tune on my keyboard.  That’s what I had for dinner on Saturday night at Manna Korean Restaurant in Davis.

Bibimbap (aka bi bim bap, bi bim bop, 3B) is a Korean dish consisting of various veggies, a fried egg, Korean beef, and some sort of chile pepper paste.  If you’re one of those weirdo vegetarians, you can even get it made with tofu.  You eat it by mixing all of the ingredients together.  The level of heat depends on how much paste you mix in.  I like mine spicy, so I heap on generous amounts.  At the end of any given 3B meal, I generally have a good sweat going on my brow.

There is another dish I like called Bulgogi.  If you’re not feeling up to the 3B, then definitely give the bulgogi a shot.  It is essentially to Korean food what the California Roll is to sushi: even the whitest whitey of a xenophobe (barring vegetarian xenophobes, of course) will thoroughly enjoy a plate of this succulent, sweet, marinated beef.

Manna is a little hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop style restaurant in downtown Davis.  It is very clean inside, and the staff are very friendly, especially to neophytes.  If you’re ever in the area and you’re looking to try something a little different than your typical American fare, please drop by and pay them a visit.  It’ll be worth every penny.

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