Japanese Golden Poop Charm

I'm a Japanese American (0.5), but I'm so far removed from Japanese culture that I only know three things about it:

  1. The food kicks ass
  2. They got bombed back to the stone age in 1945
  3. The things they find humorous, I will never understand

Case in point, the subject of this post: the Golden Poop Charm.

Forgive me for going Seinfeldian on you, but, really, what is the deal with that?  I know that this isn't just some weird fad, either.  Go to YouTube.com and search for videos of Japanese TV.  They are into some sick ***, and apparently this is the stuff that they show on regular cable.  Maybe the ability to withstand torture and public humiliation gives you some sort of higher social status over there.

Anyhow, I am proud of my heritage, but I sure am baffled and crazy amused at what my people consider entertaining.