Call centre girls have more fun

So all this outsourcing that has been going on in the IT industry for the past 6-ish years has basically been funding one big orgy over in India.  Sheesh.  I'd rather see it disappear up some coked out executive's nose, but hey, if it is liberating women from the traditionally chauvinistic, male-dominated Indian culture, I guess it can't be all bad. 

From the article (emphasis mine):

With young, often single, employees on salaries higher than doctors, India's booming call-centre industry has sparked a social revolution. "Women come to work with condoms in their handbags," said Alkesh Dua, a call-centre worker in Noida, just outside New Delhi. "Everyone is doing it. You're together all night in this cool, hip atmosphere and you end up getting intimate." […]

After working in US-style environments and speaking to Americans for hours a day, some are aping American behaviour they see on cable television. Call centre staff have been caught by hidden cameras having sex in cubicles and seen coupling on staircases, gyms and car parks.

A survey of call centre staff last year found 38 per cent of men and women believed premarital sex was permissible and a quarter regularly indulged in casual sex.

"A call centre office … visited as part of the survey reported that its drains had been found choked with condoms," Mr Rau said.