Great job, Coach

Ok.  You're new in town.  You've got a new job, a new boss, and a whole bunch of new fans to win over.  Plus, you preside over a group of overpaid, oversexed millionaire crybabies with egos the size of Texas.  You insist on hard work, smothering defense, and maximum effort for the duration of each 48-minute game from a group that is used to playing offense-only basketball.

So far, things are going great.  It looks like the whole team is buying into your bullshit system, saying they like how hard you work and how much they respect what you bring to the game.  And let's be honest — without that respect, you're going nowhere with these guys.

You're 3-1 this preseason, with palpable excitement starting to build among the fans that this team could be the real deal.  Defense.  Scoring.  Hustle.  This team – your team – just might be something special to watch this season.  Your future in Sacramento couldn't be brighter.

And then you go and do something like this:

First-year Kings coach Eric Musselman was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence, authorities said.

Musselman was arrested on K Street in midtown Sacramento around 2:15 a.m. after cutting off another motorist, according to officer Jasper Begay, a California Highway Patrol spokesman. Musselman […] failed a field sobriety test and had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of .08 percent, Begay said. 

Well played, sir.  In one fell swoop, you've simultaneously made yourself look like an ass and lost any moral high ground you had amongst your players.  You can no longer demand their respect.  You're worse than many of them.  You're a common criminal.

I hope you have some magic up that always-over-prepared ass of yours, coach, or else your stay in Sacto could end up being a very brief one.  And while you're up there spelunking in that magic crevice, try to locate a clue.