Another electoral loser

Remember my earlier post about election candidates who died prior to their election, yet still won anyway?  Well, it has happened again:

PIERRE, S.D. – A woman who died two months ago won a county commissioner’s race in Jerauld County on Tuesday.

Democrat Marie Steichen, of Woonsocket, got 100 votes, defeating incumbent Republican Merlin Feistner, of Woonsocket, who had 64 votes. […]

Peterson said voters knew Steichen had died.

“They just had a chance to make a change, and we respect their opinion.”

You have to be extremely incompetent or corrupt in order to lose to a two month-old corpse.  I applaud the voters for doing the right thing.  If Feistner wasn’t being an effective and fair public servant, I’m glad they booted him out of office, even if it means the position is vacant for the time being.