Go Dems!

The Democrats certainly had a good night last night.  They took control of the House, and it’s looking increasingly likely that they’ll have a slim majority in the Senate, too.  Both Democratic Senate candidates in Montana and Virginia, the two undecided states, have 4-digit leads, so their chances in a recount are very good.

I’m very excited about this.  If you have been reading this blog (or any of its predecessors) for any time at all, you know that I’m not a fan of the Bush administration and his rubber-stamp Congress.  Just having control of the House would have been fine by me, so gaining control of the Senate is icing on the cake (and fairly remarkable, since the probability of them doing so was small).

So the easy part is done.  We won control of the House and (presumably) the Senate.  Now comes the hard part of fixing what has been broken and getting our country back on the right track.  Are the newly-elected Democratic majorities up to the task?  Can they take on the Most Stubborn President Ever and win?