One more reason I'm glad I switched to Flickr

My old photo hosting company (name rhymes with “freebase”) was plagued by downtime and the dreaded red X.  Flickr has been rock solid, and their upload application makes uploading files a snap.

Well, the best just got better.  Flickr Pro accounts will now enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth. No more 2GB monthly limit!

(Not that I have ever approached 2GB of uploads in a month, but still, having no constraints is a plus in my book.)

Edit: I was trying to be nice and not bag on them because they might have been going through a rough spell when I was having the dreaded X problem, but I just visited their site for old time’s sake a few minutes ago, and this is what I found (click thumbnail for full-size image):

Free Image Hosting at

Edit 2: Even worse!  Fer fark’s sake!  But, hey, at least the photos themselves are showing up, right?

Free Image Hosting at