A very Sagara Christmas

Sorry these are a little late, but as I noted below, I have been fighting the flu since early this week.  Anyway, enjoy:



  • Kelly’s grandma put us up in the Tallman Hotel, a remodeled version of the original where Kelly’s grandfather stayed when he first moved to Upper Lake and began working as a logger.
  • Kelly’s other grandma put on a poker clinic at her rest home.  The picture above is Kelly drowning her sorrows after losing $2 in nickel-ante 5-card draw.  Never trust a sweet old lady who carries a deck of cards in her purse.
  • Family!  It was a whirlwind two days, but it was worth it.  Sunday we visited both of her grandmas.  Monday morning we had breakfast and opened gifts.  Monday evening we went to my mom & dad’s place and had dinner with my family.  It was awesome.
  • The gifts: Santa was kind (not that he ever isn’t).


  • Somewhere along the way, my body decided that it should reject any and all substances that I attempted to ingest.  So much for that fresh, pine christmas tree smell that our house achieved while we were away for two days.