5th Street Steak House, Chico

Best steak this side of… anywhere.

We drove up to Chico last night and had dinner at the 5th Street Steak House in celebration of Kris’s, Kathy’s, and my birthdays.  Now, IMO, I can BBQ a pretty damn good steak, but I have nothing on the folks at 5th Street.  My Rib eye was so tender, juicy, and flavorful that I almost keeled over and died at the table from taste bud sensory overload.  It was magnificent.  Sublime.  A thing to revere.  IOW, it’s good stuff.

I can’t say this about many places, but I would drive 4 hours round trip just to eat at this restaurant.  If you’re ever in Chico and you’re looking for a good steak, look no further than the 5th Street Steak House.  And make sure to get the Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Mmm mmm good.