LeBron James is good

That is all.  Carry on.

Edit:  Given how poorly the Kings played in the second half last night, and disregarding LeBron’s basketudinal prowess, I suppose the highlight of the night was the fight in the stands about 3 rows in front of us. 

Some young guys who, I’m guessing, came down from the nose bleeds and sat in these empty seats, were pounding beers the entire game.  In the fourth quarter, LeBron made a particularly good play, prompting one of the guys to jump up and down, spilling beer all over the guy in front of him.  I guess this had happened a couple times throughout the evening.  Anyway, the spillee just popped.  He was a big dude, too — probably 6’4″, and well over 200 lbs. 

The drunk guy never had a chance.  He either sat down or was pushed down into his chair, and the big guy stood over him, just wailing away on the drunk guy’s face.  He probably got in 5 or 6 uncontested shots before he stopped.  I didn’t get a look at the damage to the drunk guy, but I’m sure he’s got a shiner or two this morning.

As for the big dude, well, I’m sure he’s still in the pokey right now.  All he had to do was get the usher to kick these guys out, but instead, he decided to be Sheriff Vigilante T. Justice, and now he’s going to have a criminal record.  Dumbass.