Spot the preggo


Two people in the Sagara household had breakfast this morning.  Well, three, but Homer has the same thing every day, so for the purposes of this discussion, we’ll exclude the culinary bliss that is Chicken and Rice kibble.

The two bipeds in this house had breakfast this morning:

* Person 1 had a fried egg sandwich on toasted sourdough bread, covered with copious amounts of Tabasco and mustard, accompanied with a side dish of kimchi.

* Person 2 had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

So, based on that information, dear reader, who do you think is the preggo?  Person 1, or Person 2?

Edit: If you guessed Person 2, you guessed correctly.  I’m the stinky/spicy food-loving person in this family.  Plus, the Tabasco/kimchi combination would have given her killer heart burn, and when she burped, she would have Scorched Earth-ed my face with her kimchi death breath.  No, I rather like my eyebrows, thank you very much, so I’m more than happy to have her eating cereal and yogurt for breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Spot the preggo

  1. Anonymous

    And let Person #2 add: Person #1 did not even offer to make Preggo an egg sandwich. As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!"

  2. Anonymous

    May I remind Person #1 that regardless of the physical/mental state of Person #2, they should always offer food to a pregnant lady!

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