5 thoughts on “Little Troy

  1. Matt

    Congrats!  Thanks for sharing the photos.
    If you didn’t feel like an adult before, you will shortly.  🙂
    The first few weeks are a rough, but hang in there.  It only gets better.

  2. Megan Avery

    Hey Sagara Family,
    Congratulations, I am so excited for you guys!  Your pictures are great and you are maybe the cuttest little family ever 🙂  Please keep the updates coming and Kelly I know it might be a little soon, but you up for Wildflower this year?  Totally kidding, congratulations again and I miss you guys.
    Mighty Megs
    PS. Great Boy Name!

  3. Page & Charles Berghoffer

    Congrats to you all,
    I was wondering when you were going to have him!!! We are very happy for you and hope you get some rest now! You and I are lucky to have such special & loving men whom will take care of us and all our needs!!!!
    Can’t wait to see more pics!!!!
    Take Care & Big Hugs,
    Page, Charles & Cinnamon Berghoffer

  4. Ryan, Jessica & Alexa Scott

    To the ever growing Sagara Family,
    Congrats!!  Troy is absolutely perfect in every way.  He is so adorable, and you two look so elated and comfortable being parents.  
    I was so happy to hear you finally had your little bundle of joy.  Kelly, I hear ya on the horrible back labor and epideral not working.  But after all is said and done we end up with these precious packages.
    Enjoy every moment with him, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  They grow way too fast.  Again congrats!
    With love,
    Ryan, Jessica and Alexa Scott
    P.S.  Alexa can not wait to meet Troy!

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