Mike Aiello

Not the actor, but a friend of mine from college.

I just heard that he died in a small plane crash near Los Banos, CA.

I’m at a total loss for words.  My condolences go out to the Aiello and DeCicco families in their time of loss.

RIP, Mike.

Edit: I just received this.  Chances are if you’re reading my blog, you already have this information, but just in case:

Mike’s funeral and memorial reception is going to be this Thursday, April 5 starting at 1pm in Morgan Hill.  The place is still to be determined.  After the funeral, there will be a party in Mike’s honor.  That’s all the details I have for now.  I’ll send an email with more details as plans are made.

I wish the whole thing were a nasty April Fool’s joke, but it’s not…