Techies: the perfect gift for Mom

Especially if you’re anti-social.

Copilot is a service that allows you to remotely control a willing participant’s computer.  So, for example, if your mom is having trouble with Outlook, you can log in and check her SMTP settings for her without having to describe all the various menus and dialogs she would have to go through. 

From the Joel on Software blog:

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Why not fix your mom’s computer?

You know: remove the spyware and adware, install Firefox, and make it so that weird toolbar toast doesn’t pop up every 15 seconds.

To make it easy, this Sunday we’re making Fog Creek Copilot absolutely free.

No strings attached. Just go to on Sunday, get a free pass, and we’ll email your mom a link she can click on to download the helper application. It’s really easy.