What the ghetto hell is going on around here?

Are people frustrated with the slow pace of the Kings coaching search?  Are they down because the Warriors are getting spanked by the Jazz?  Is the recent heat wave getting to people?  (Except by heat wave, I mean “perfect weather”.  It has been beautiful around here lately.)

From The Bee (emphasis mine):

A man walking on a North Highlands sidewalk was shot and killed Wednesday night by someone in a passing car, the third homicide of its type in less than 48 hours in Sacramento.

Joseph Zachary Gomez, 18, was pronounced dead at Mercy San Juan Hospital, the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office reported.

Gomez, who had been shot in the upper torso, was found in the area of Gilman Way and David Drive […]

This latest one was only 4 miles away from my house.

5 thoughts on “What the ghetto hell is going on around here?

  1. Kim Scott

    No, don’t move back to SLO. I think Woodland is a great place to relocate to =)

  2. damonta

    yea that shooting is jus another shooting in north highlands its a really bad area and has alot of shootings every week. i live there i should no iv been shot at 5 times in the past year for wearing certin colors so it aint the kings it the neighborhood

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