So I spent the past weekend in Vegas at my buddy Dan’s bachelor party.

It was fun.

The end.

(Congrats, Dan!  Can’t wait for the wedding.)

Edit:  Much like my high school reunion, seeing most of these guys in Vegas was like a time warp.  I hadn’t seen the groom-to-be, Dan, in almost 3 years.  Similarly, I have seen the other guys only sparingly since we graduated — like, maybe once per year.  But after the initial "Oh, hey, what are you doing now?" chit chat, it was just like being back in college, hanging around the house, or being in a chapter meeting, shooting the shit.  The only difference I noticed was that we can now afford NOT to pack 15 smelly dudes into one hotel room.  That’s one change I am overwhelmingly happy to embrace.

It’s a great feeling to be able to pick up right where you left off, even though much has changed over the years.

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  1. Mudgett (older)

    Even though Jon and I spoke extensively about his new passion of digital cameras this week-end…it was greatly appreciated that he chose to forgo his passion for a little anonymity.  

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