It was a great day


Many thanks to my family for coming over to celebrate.  Little Man got me a new 22.5" Weber One Touch Silver charcoal grill (how did he know???), and we used it to 'cue up some juicy cheeseburgers.  Coupled with the various side dishes and ice cream brought by the guests, we had an awesome early summer BBQ.

I couldn't have asked for a better day.

1 thought on “It was a great day

  1. happyface98

    Happy Father’s Day Daddy,
    Thank you for being such a wonderful Daddy to me. I love it when you blow on my belly, he, he!! Everyday I look forward to you coming home so we can play and talk to each other. You are the best Daddy Homer and I could ever ask for.
    We love you!
    Troy and Homer

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