The 4-minute feast

One thing I have gradually noticed since becoming a new dad is that it is extremely difficult to enjoy your meals.  Prior to Troy being born, I could eat at a leisurely pace, and, providing I wasn't shoveling for some reason, I could savor every bite.

Now, I shovel by default.  It's like eating has become a distraction that might keep me from leaping to Troy's rescue, should he ever need my help.  My objective now is not to savor the meal, but to finish it as quickly as possible so that I can focus on the little boy.  Really, I guess I'm just trying to finish my hot food, uninterrupted, before the little tyke starts screaming and causes me to have to resume eating 1 hour later when the food is all cold and soggy.

I see now why leaving the baby at home with the babysitter while mom and dad go out to dinner can sometimes be a good thing.