Fort Bragg / Mendocino: 7/5/2009

Warning: inane content ahead.  It is a journal of what we did while on vacation.  It is not particularly well-written, and should you decide to read it, you will likely experience an overwhelming sense of boredom similar to watching someone else’s home videos.  Proceed with caution.

We headed up to the house in Mendocino, and on the way we stopped for dinner at Kelly’s grandma’s house.  We pulled in at 6:30pm, and it was still oppressively hot.  If memory serves correctly, it was still in the 102F range.  Nothing a little pizza from the local pizza parlor couldn’t fix, though.  For being such a rinky dink little hole in the wall, they sure make great pizzas.

After about an hour layover, we forged on to the coast.  Highway 20 between Willits and Fort Bragg is extremely windy.  I was trying not to make Kelly and Troy sick, so I was taking it easy around the corners.  We made it through with 0 barf-related incidents.

The house we stayed at was amazing.  We had a big room downstairs, with a nice window seat.  There was also a huge TV room and a bathroom that we had all to ourselves.

Upstairs, there was a large kitchen, a big family room with a fireplace, and a TV room with a huge TV.  The master bedroom and a third bedroom were also upstairs. 

It is a very nice house.  My words don’t even begin to do it justice.  You’ll just have to take a look for yourself:

So, thanks, Mom & Dad!  That was one bitchin’ beach house!