Fort Bragg / Mendocino: 7/7/2007

Warning: inane content ahead.  It is a journal of what we did while on vacation.  It is not particularly well-written, and should you decide to read it, you will likely experience an overwhelming sense of boredom similar to watching someone else’s home videos.  Proceed with caution.

Yet another Starbucks run.  Today we didn’t have much on the agenda, so after a big breakfast, we just kind of lazed around the house all morning.

Earlier in the week, I had found out about the “World’s Largest Salmon BBQ”, to be held today at Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg.  So, we went.  And, it was awesome.

Turns out it’s a fundraiser for some salmon restoration organization.  Lots of people showed up.  There were easily a couple hundred while we were there, and I imagine several thousand make their way through over the course of the day.  They had a live band, great weather, and, of course, great food.


Each ticket bought you a plate with a huge salmon steak, an ear of corn, two thickly-coated pieces of garlic bread, and a tasty green salad.  The outdoors, community atmosphere and the great food made it an extremely enjoyable experience for our whole family – even Troy.  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods around the 4th of July, I highly recommend stopping by the annual salmon BBQ.

Next up was the wedding at the Mendocino Woodland’s camp.  Deidre’s husband-to-be was apparently a camp counselor here for 17 years, so this place had special meaning to them.  It is the most remote setting for a wedding that I have ever attended, but it was beautiful.  The only sketchy part was the ¼ mile trek from the parking lot to the ceremony site, but in the end, we all survived.


Probably the highlight of my evening was having the four cousins (me, Darci, Cinnamon, and Deidre) together again.  I have no clue the last time that happened.  It was great to catch up with the side of the family that we rarely get to see.


Also cool: my Uncle Steve received a Nikon D80 for xmas, just like me.

We had to leave the reception fairly early because they had no lights and open flames weren’t allowed, and Troy was getting fussy.  We headed into Fort Bragg to get some dessert snacks since we missed out on the wedding cake.  On the way back to the house from Safeway, we got stuck in traffic from people leaving the beach fireworks show.  Let me just tell you that the Fort Bragg Police Department is a bunch of Super Troopers.  Someone from the NYPD needs to do a work exchange program and show them how to direct traffic.  The FBPD, bless their law-enforcing hearts, are borderline retarded in this aspect of their jobs.

Anywho, we all crashed pretty much as soon as we got home.