Overweight kids are teased

Yet another news story from the Department of Derrrrrrr, this one reporting that overweight kids face widespread stigma:

Overweight children are stigmatized by their peers as early as age 3 and even face bias from their parents and teachers, giving them a quality of life comparable to people with cancer, a new analysis concludes.

Youngsters who report teasing, rejection, bullying and other types of abuse because of their weight are two to three times more likely to report suicidal thoughts as well as to suffer from other health issues such as high blood pressure and eating disorders, researchers said.

I was never the fat kid (though I did have a chunky phase throughout most of my twenties), but I do remember teasing one of my overweight classmates.  I have neither excuse nor rationale for what I did.  I acted without thinking about how it would make him feel, and I’m sure it was terrible for him.  Chris, on the off chance that you’re reading this, I’m sorry.

So, MSNBC, you did a good job.  You wrote an article that made me realize what a jackass I had been toward my fat(ter) contemporaries when I was a child.  I vowed that I would never again make fun of the overweight, for it could have dire consequences on their quality of life.  You made me a better man.

Then I kept reading the article:

Lynn McAfee, 58, of Stowe, Pa., said that as an overweight child she faced troubles on all fronts.  […]  Other children would try to run her down on bikes to see if she would bounce.

COME ON!!!  How am I not supposed to laugh at that?!?  AAAUUUGHHHH!!!

Nice going, MSNBC.  You snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  I was a reformed man, and now all I want to do is throw pennies at a fat kid to see if they’ll bounce off.

(I kid, I kid.)