Sean Sherk is a fraud. Maybe.

From the SacBee:

Ultimate Fighting lightweight champion Sean Sherk and challenger Hermes Franca received one-year suspensions and were fined $2,500 each by the California State Athletic Commission on Thursday for failing drug tests after their July 7 bout at Arco Arena.

Sherk tested positive for nandrolone metabolites […] steroids, according to the commission. […]

Sherk has filed an appeal, said Armando Garcia, the commission's executive officer, that will be heard at the commission's meeting Aug. 6 in Los Angeles.

It's entirely possible that someone made a mistake with the test and the suspension will be overturned on appeal, but if the ruling is upheld, it would sure as hell explain why Sean "The Muscle Jerk" Sherk is so dominant in the octagon.  The couple of fights I've seen him in, his opponents were simply overmatched.  Sherk controlled virtually every aspect of the fight, and wore them down with Ground-N-Pound.

If he's innocent, he's one hell of an athlete.  If not, he's just another roided-up chump with shriveling testes.