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Stolen shamelessly from Becky's MySpace page.  Thanks, Becky!

My BIL, Chuck, and his girlfriend, Becky, were among the lucky few who witnessed Barry's record-setting 756th home run in person.

Says Chuck:

Easily one of the Top 3 Moments of my life. 

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck…  So young, so naive.  Just wait until you get a dog, and he's sound asleep on the floor in front of you, and he farts really loudly, and it jolts him awake, and it scares him so badly that he runs out of the room and hides under the office desk.  That will easily occupy Moments 1-7.

2 thoughts on “756

  1. Mudgett (older)

    I second the farting dog moments…especially when the paint starts to melt off the wall (the farting & the snoring were no where in the disclosures when we bought her.)

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