Sometimes you're a winner

My commute this morning was NOT one of those times.

See, they recently opened up a new road just off of my usual route.  Ever the adventurer, I thought, "Hey, why not?  I've got an extra 17 minutes to spare."  My hope was that this new road would give me a super-secret, Stonecutters-esque shortcut to my workplace.  You know, a secret underground tunnel, accessible to only a privileged few, that avoids the traffic jams and the crazy-ass (and yet, maddeningly slow) Sun City drivers?

Nope.  I ended up in Lincoln.

So what should have been an instantaneous time warp that shaved 10 minutes off of my commute, ended up taking me an extra 30 minutes.

I'm a firm believer that you should take risks in life. 

And I hold this belief knowing full well that at some point, taking one of those risks will make you look like a jackass.