He eats carrots


And avocados, and sweet potatoes, and rice, and…

So far (knock on wood), he has been a pretty mellow eater, and just within the past couple of days he has finally figured out how to get the food off of the spoon and keep it in his mouth.  That's a development Mom and Dad are very pleased to see.  Homer?  Not so much, though he has no clue about the banner "floor cleaning" days that lie ahead of him.

Oh yes, little 1-year-old-Japanese-baby-in-a-high-chair-at-a-Japanese-restaurant-where-you-were-eating-a-bowl-of-udon-and-the-proprietors-spread-newspapers-all-around-you-to-minimize-the-mess,-and-yet-you-still-somehow-managed-to-spill-your-broth-and-noodles-and-miss-the-newspapers-ENTIRELY.  I'm talking about you!  Ya bastard.