The Little Mouse


When Troy woke up Monday morning, he had this little mouse underneath his left eye.  Boy, was it ever awkward dropping him off at day care.

DC: What happened to his eye?

Me: Uh, he just woke up and had it under his eye.  It wasn't like that when we put him to sleep, I swear!

DC (in a patronizing tone): Oh, maybe he just fell on a toy or something.

Great.  So, I'm not a child abuser, I'm just a neglectful, negligent parent.  Yay, me.

Luckily, Kelly was able to get Troy into the doctor that afternoon, who diagnosed the mouse as a lower-eyelid bacterial infection.  72 fl. oz. of of amoxicillin later, the mouse is gone.

Actually, it had largely subsided by Tuesday morning, which made my day care encounter only slightly less awkward:

DC: So what's the verdict?

Me: Lower-eyelid bacterial infection

DC (with a cathartic sense of relief that one of their customers isn't a child beater): Oh, GOOD!!! 

So, that reaction essentially confirmed my suspicion that in their minds, I was guilty until proven innocent.

I guess I shouldn't be upset, lest I lose sight of what's really important here: Troy-boy gets to keep his left eyeball until the next time I let him juggle Vaseline-covered ice picks while riding a unicycle down a cobblestone road.