The House that Baby Ruth Built

Many thanks to the Cobbs, Hunters, and Eoffs, who all came over to help celebrate the holidays with us.  Part of the festivities included a gingerbread house building "contest":

The "Mr. and Mrs. Clean" award: The Hunter House.  Very tidy and neat.  Notice the little snow man and the automobile.  Very nice attention to detail. 


The "WTF Were They Smoking?" award: The Sagara Shanty.  Note the funkadelic smiley face and the stylish unibrow.  Very chic.


The "Hippest House" award: The Cobb Cantina.  Mad props for sporting the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale label.  Nice wreath on the back side, too.


The "Best Adaptation When Everything Goes To Hell" award: The Eoff's Midtown-Sac Government Building in the Lavender District.  Hey, give credit where credit's due.  Greta took a wrecked residential dwelling and turned it into an income-generating property.  That's resourcefulness and improvisation at its best.


Happy holidays, everyone!

P.s. – the kids had a great time, too!