Notice anything different?

Well, besides the sporadic outages over the past week.

I changed hosting companies, and one of the side effects was that the database that powers this blog was having locking issues.  So, I upgraded to a better database engine, and, man, this site is now SNAPPY.  Pages and posts load very quickly compared to when it was running on the old box.  As cool as a self-contained, fully-managed, filesystem-based database is, it can’t match the performance of a server-based database.

Anyway, enough geeking.  Back to your regularly scheduled lack-of-blogging-from-yours-truly.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Notice anything different?

  1. Roger Wright

    I’m still interested in your quest for Sulfur Hexaflouride. Why did you close that? I happen to have access to about 70cf of the stuff, and I know that you can order it from US Airweld.
    BTW – this site is snappy. Nice job. How about posting on CP about your experiences with the various DB options?

  2. Jon Sagara

    @Roger Wright – The comments on these posts close automatically after a couple of weeks. This helps fight comment spam.
    As for the Sulfur Hexaflouride, I was (mostly) kidding, but should I ever find myself in Bullhead City, you can guess the first thing I’ll be doing. 🙂

  3. Jon Sagara

    @Guy Ellis – was using VistaDB. Tried to switch to MySQL, but the DataMover utility doesn’t support MySQL 5.0; it only supports MySQL 5.1. For the time being, I’m using SQL Server 2005. It made a HUGE difference in performance.
    The one place I can really tell is when logging into the dashboard. The two charts used to take at least 30 seconds to load. Now it takes less than 2 seconds.

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