"A Unique Shopping Experience"

A coworker of mine recently visited the salad bar of a local grocery store.  Dissatisfied with some of the store’s recent changes, she decided to write a letter:

I used to come to your store for the salad bar – where a employee would hand make it for me and toss it.  It was great.  Now we have a manual salad bar with half the ingredients and no way to toss the salad.  I am disappointed and have no reason to shop at <store name> anymore.

Here is the store’s EPICALLY AWESOME response:

Dear <snip>:

Many thanks for your email and for sharing your thoughts with us.  As store director, I’m always eager to hear what’s on your mind because you’re our valued guest.  Your feedback is extremely important to me and my staff, and I want to follow up with you personally.

You share with us your disappointment with regards to our new salad bar arrangement.  I’m so glad you’ve voiced your concerns, as I’ve got some information that I hope will please you.  We feature a wide variety of salad options for our guests, including choices of greens, 26 different salad ingredients, and eight different dressings, just to name a few.  Chicken and salmon (along with other items) are available in our deli case.  You mention that you miss having an associate toss your salad.  Please know that we would be delighted to toss your salad for you, so please don’t hesitate to ask any associate – we’re here to serve you and to ensure your complete care and satisfaction. In addition, if there’s a salad item that isn’t at the bar, please contact an associate, and we’ll check to see if that item is available.

<snip>, we’re committed to providing you with spectacular service, a unique shopping experience, and the finest products at the lowest overall prices of any full-service market.  After all, you deserve nothing less!



<Store Director>

*That* is customer service.

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