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The House that Baby Ruth Built

Many thanks to the Cobbs, Hunters, and Eoffs, who all came over to help celebrate the holidays with us.  Part of the festivities included a gingerbread house building "contest":

The "Mr. and Mrs. Clean" award: The Hunter House.  Very tidy and neat.  Notice the little snow man and the automobile.  Very nice attention to detail. 


The "WTF Were They Smoking?" award: The Sagara Shanty.  Note the funkadelic smiley face and the stylish unibrow.  Very chic.


The "Hippest House" award: The Cobb Cantina.  Mad props for sporting the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale label.  Nice wreath on the back side, too.


The "Best Adaptation When Everything Goes To Hell" award: The Eoff's Midtown-Sac Government Building in the Lavender District.  Hey, give credit where credit's due.  Greta took a wrecked residential dwelling and turned it into an income-generating property.  That's resourcefulness and improvisation at its best.


Happy holidays, everyone!

P.s. – the kids had a great time, too!




The last CHES Club was too much for Troy to handle.

Oh, and Troy?  Please take note: do this in college, and you'll wake up with a penis Sharpie'd on your forehead.

It's (going to be) a girl!

We have known for a while now that our friends, the Eoffs, will be having a baby in September.  What we didn’t know was the sex of the little peanut.  Well, now we do!  Danny and Greta are expecting a baby girl!  Congrats!

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Thanks, Hunters!

Thanks to Bret and Vanessa for a fabulous evening of dinner and drinks.  The tri-tip was outstanding, and the shrimp?  Oh, the shrimp…  Succulent.  Juicy.  Cajuny.  Very, very good.

Sadly, I was too distracted by Señor Coors Light to even attempt to take any pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  Or, look at some of our old ones.

Thanks, Cobbs!

Matt and Katie had us over for dinner last night.  They served up a delicious dish of pork with some sort of spicy pumpkin-flavored sauce.  It was very tasty.

Anyway, muchas gracias, Matt and Katie!


Thanks, all!

We had everyone over for dinner last night.  It was an Italian-themed meal: bruschetta, lasagna, and some sort of custard dessert.  We also had plenty of Birra Morretti to go around.  It was fantastic.  Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming over, and a special thanks to the Cobbs for bringing Porter over to keep Homer entertained.