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Bear is back

Bear Grylls is back, starting the filming of the remainder of Man vs. Wild Season 2.  From the looks of things, we're going to see more extreme environments, longer episodes, and a more transparent process:

The new shows will also now be two hours long, instead of one – partly because so many of the locations are so remote, but also so we can go into greater detail, and show the behind the scenes work, including the crew’s role. 

Believe it or not, despite the negative things I have said about BG and MvW on this site, I'm actually excited to see these new episodes.  I've been watching Survivorman in the absence of MvW reruns, and while I enjoy it, Les Stroud just doesn't have the same charisma and "it" factor as Bear.

Two hours seems a bit excessive, though I'll reserve my judgment until I see how well the new format works.

Still, I can't wait.  Friday nights were a family event for us as we'd gather around the TV to see what crazy ol' Bear was up to next.  Let the fun begin resume.

Knocked Up

F'n brilliant movie.  Hilarious.  If you're thinking about having children, you'll get a really good look at what the child birthing process is like.

Excellent, excellent flick.  Highly recommended.  Lots of f-bombs, and a little graphic in small parts, but very well done.

'Gilmore Girls' canceled

Me: (singing) “Thank you for being a friend…

Voice in my head: No, you idiot!!!  Gilmore Girls, not Golden Girls!!!

Me: Oh.  Aren’t they the same thing?

Vimh: *Thwack!*

And just like that, I forgot how to do math. 

But seriously, that just shows you how much I watch TV.  I thought the show died a long time ago, but The Bee says it was just canceled today

In light of this news, I just spent 5 seconds composing a nice eulogy for the show, but then I remembered I don’t care, so I caressed my butt instead.

Be gone, Gilmore Girls.  I didn’t even know you were still in the room.

Jack's back

You Don’t Know Jack

Remember that game?  I used to play it in college.  Back in the 90s.  When you still had to hunt and kill (or gather, if you roll that way) your own food.  Back when Friends was still cool.  Back when Michael Richards was still a closeted racist.

Anyway, it was a fun pop culture game back then, and it looks like it still is today.  I only played one game on the home page, but it looks like they have done a nice job of updating the questions with current events.  I don’t know that I would buy a new version, but playing online is just as fun as I remember the old offline version being.  So go check it out and have yourself a good time.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

Get it while it’s hot: $19 if you pre-order from Amazon.com (ordinarily $35).

July 2007 is going to be a good month, entertainment-wise:

Oh, and I think my wedding anniversary is that month or something.