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Missed opportunities

About 1.5 years ago, I received an email out of the blue from a man who also had the last name of Sagara. It turns out he was a distant relative.

I kept putting off sending a response until his email eventually got buried in my inbox, and I forgot all about it. I happened upon it again this past July while cleaning out old messages, and I finally replied. I never heard back from him, and didn’t think much of it.

Today I received a response, but from his daughter (I presume). It turns out that he passed away in March of this year.

Well, f—.

Answer your emails, people. You don’t have to answer all of them, but definitely answer the important ones — and that includes messages from family.

RIP, Peter.

Santa Claus is coming


Just another day at the office, playing with blocks. He has no idea what is in store.


Troy just heard a booming “Ho! Ho! Ho!” coming from down the hallway.


And he’d really like to know WTH is going on here! Mama!


Santa comes bearing gifts!


“I still don’t trust you, mofo.”


Note the coaster in Troy’s hand. Even after he’d opened all of his presents, he still preferred to play with the coasters. Probably had something to do with the pictures of golden retrievers on them.


“Okay, fool. We’re cool, I guess.”


Or not…


Troy! Run!


Note the stunning lack of progress compared to the previous picture. This is due to a phenomenon known as “stubby little Japanese legs”, an affliction he shares with his father.


In the end, though, it was a very merry xmas, one I was fortunate to share with my family. Thanks for the great holiday, everyone!


And, Kelly, thanks for the new drawers.

Congratulations are in order


I have been slightly preoccupied with life as of late, and, hence, have been ignoring this blog.  Very recently, however, our family received some great news.  Just a few weeks ago, my brother-in-law, Chuck, proposed to his girlfriend, Becky.  They are engaged to be married this coming summer.

I couldn’t be happier for them.  They are a great couple, and I look forward to sharing many great moments with them.