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Who do you want to work with?

We just had a company-wide powow, and the Chairman of the Board said something that resonated with me:

I want to work with guys who are going to get down in the fox hole with me and shoot.
And when the ammo’s gone, stab.
And when the knife’s dull, choke.
And when there’s no more war, drink tequila.

Couldn’t agree more.  Passionate, gritty coworkers are a blessing, and if you have them, consider yourself lucky.  If you don’t, maybe it’s time to find a better place to work.

I have to share this

This is easily my favorite news story of 2008:

FRESNO, California (AP) — Authorities say they’ve arrested a man who broke into the home of two California farmworkers, stole money, rubbed one with spices and whacked the other with a sausage before fleeing.

Fresno County sheriff’s Lt. Ian Burrimond says 22-year-old Antonio Vasquez was found hiding in a field wearing only a T-shirt, boxers and socks after the Saturday morning attack.

He says deputies arrested Vasquez after finding a wallet containing his ID in the ransacked house.

It’s okay to be nuts if you’re smart, too, but this guy was crazy and stupid.

Starbucks + AT&T = Teh Rad

This is good news.  Whenever I'm traveling and I need to check my email, I'll generally head to Starbucks for a cup of joe and to tap into the T-Mobile wireless hotspot.  However, at $9.99/day, the access fee always ticked me off (though never enough to prevent me from paying for it).  I have never needed 24-hour Internet access at a Starbucks.  Why the heck couldn't they offer a smaller time period for less money?

Well, now they do.  Except "they" is no longer comprised of Starbucks + T-Mobile; "they" is now Starbucks + AT&T:

At Starbucks, T-Mobile is out and AT&T is in, at least when it comes to WiFi. AT&T and Starbucks announced their new partnership this morning, saying that the carrier plans to offer a variety of service offerings at 7,000 Starbucks locations in the US. Best of all, many customers will be able to access the service for free (as in beer), with paid offerings as low as $3.99 for two hours of use.

Ah, sanity momentarily returns to the land of overpriced breakfast sandwiches and macchiatos. 

I'm not an AT&T broadband subscriber (monopolies are a bitch (SureWest does provide excellent service, though)), so I don't get to surf for free, but $3.99/two hours is still a welcome change.

Good move, Starbucks!


Holy hell, I didn’t see that one coming:


After starting off my second game with a measly 7, I hit four strikes in a row, followed by three spares.  Going into the last frame, I had a 182.  I knocked down eight, and then picked up the spare.  On my “extra” roll, I knocked down another nine, so I finished with 201!  That’s easily the highest I’ve ever scored in a bowling game, probably by at least 70 points.

Oh, and the best part?  All day long Kelly was talking smack about how she was going to whup me up and down the alley.  cough  Yeah.

Thanks to everyone who came out.  I had a great time!

Flickr + Library of Congress = Awesome

Flickr and the Library of Congress have teamed up to host part of the LoC's image collection online.

The result?  Gems like this one:

And this one:

You can view many more Library of Congress images on Flickr, and you can read more about the Commons project.  The LoC also has a searchable online catalog of photos.

I'm a sucker for old photographs, so I'm in hog heaven right now.