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Stolen shamelessly from Becky's MySpace page.  Thanks, Becky!

My BIL, Chuck, and his girlfriend, Becky, were among the lucky few who witnessed Barry's record-setting 756th home run in person.

Says Chuck:

Easily one of the Top 3 Moments of my life. 

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck…  So young, so naive.  Just wait until you get a dog, and he's sound asleep on the floor in front of you, and he farts really loudly, and it jolts him awake, and it scares him so badly that he runs out of the room and hides under the office desk.  That will easily occupy Moments 1-7.

Happy Anniversary


It’s certainly true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun.  And how could you not have fun when you’re married to someone with this much enthusiasm for weed whacking?

Happy anniversary, babe.  Love you!

Knocked Up

F'n brilliant movie.  Hilarious.  If you're thinking about having children, you'll get a really good look at what the child birthing process is like.

Excellent, excellent flick.  Highly recommended.  Lots of f-bombs, and a little graphic in small parts, but very well done.

Good news, for once

Life in the 'Lope ain't all bad.

We occasionally run into this kid's dad when we're walking Homer at night:

At 22, Eric Giannini Jr. has been overseas once to attend a summer study course in England in 2005.

This weekend, the Sacramento-born Giannini begins a second foreign trip, this time as a Russia-bound Fulbright Fellow.

"I feel very thankful that I got the Fulbright," Giannini said in his parents' Antelope home last week, a month after he graduated magna *** laude from St. Mary's College in Moraga with a bachelor's degree in integral liberal arts.


Pretty amazing stuff!

It was a great day


Many thanks to my family for coming over to celebrate.  Little Man got me a new 22.5" Weber One Touch Silver charcoal grill (how did he know???), and we used it to 'cue up some juicy cheeseburgers.  Coupled with the various side dishes and ice cream brought by the guests, we had an awesome early summer BBQ.

I couldn't have asked for a better day.


So I spent the past weekend in Vegas at my buddy Dan’s bachelor party.

It was fun.

The end.

(Congrats, Dan!  Can’t wait for the wedding.)

Edit:  Much like my high school reunion, seeing most of these guys in Vegas was like a time warp.  I hadn’t seen the groom-to-be, Dan, in almost 3 years.  Similarly, I have seen the other guys only sparingly since we graduated — like, maybe once per year.  But after the initial "Oh, hey, what are you doing now?" chit chat, it was just like being back in college, hanging around the house, or being in a chapter meeting, shooting the shit.  The only difference I noticed was that we can now afford NOT to pack 15 smelly dudes into one hotel room.  That’s one change I am overwhelmingly happy to embrace.

It’s a great feeling to be able to pick up right where you left off, even though much has changed over the years.

Toyota: 1, Pigeon: dead

So I'm barreling down Industrial Way at 327 50 MPH last night when I see two pigeons camped out in the middle of my lane. 

"Oh, no problem," I thought to myself.  "They have plenty of time to get up and fly away."

I get closer.  No movement.

I get closer still.  Bird #1 makes like he's going to start thinking about moving.  Bird #2 doesn't budge.

Closer and closer.  Bird #1 gets the hell out of Dodge before he has a Toyota emblem tattooed on his forehead.  Bird #2 continues to scratch his ass crack.

I'm now literally within 10-20 feet of Bird #2, who is still on the road.  Finally, at this point, he decides it might be a good idea to move (though I question whether it was because he saw me.  My theory is that he saw a discarded cigarette butt on the other side of the road and just went for it.)

I think you can see where this is going.

I obliterated that stupid bird like nobody's business.  When I looked in my rear view mirror, all I saw was a dead pigeon carcass bouncing along the side of the road.  Feathers were falling back down to the ground.  It was grisly.

My immediate concern did not lie with that bird, though.  If it's too blind, deaf, and stupid to get the hell out of the way, well, then, that's just too bad.  No, I was concerned about the front of my Tacoma.

I pulled into the parking lot of my destination, the Galleria.  I got out of my truck and slowly inched my way around to the front, dreading what I was about to see.  Amazingly, there wasn't one scratch or dent.  The only sign of a collision was two lonely feathers dangling from the grille.  That's it.

So, Toyota, kudos to you for your superior engineering skills.  That was one hell of an impact that my truck sustained, and it is no worse for the wear.

And all you pigeons out there?  Let that be a lesson to you.  I'm driving a lean, green, pigeon-eliminating machine, so you best get out my way, beeyotch.  I'm gunning for you.

Voodoo Doughnut

A coworker brought in a box of doughnuts today.  “Ho-hum”, I thought, until I looked into the box and saw a maple bar covered with two bacon strips.


Turns out his wife had been to Portland, OR recently and visited the Voodoo Doughnut store.  They make all kinds of crazy doughnuts, sell t-shirts, and perform legal wedding ceremonies underneath a large portrait of Isaac Hayes.  The fee for the wedding is $175, and includes doughnuts and coffee for 10 people.  AWESOME.

BTW, I tried one that was covered in crushed Oreos.  It was pretty good, and definitely better than a doughnut you’d pick up at your local Safeway.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up in case you’re ever up in the Pacific Northwest.  Check it out!