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Techies: the perfect gift for Mom

Especially if you’re anti-social.

Copilot is a service that allows you to remotely control a willing participant’s computer.  So, for example, if your mom is having trouble with Outlook, you can log in and check her SMTP settings for her without having to describe all the various menus and dialogs she would have to go through. 

From the Joel on Software blog:

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Why not fix your mom’s computer?

You know: remove the spyware and adware, install Firefox, and make it so that weird toolbar toast doesn’t pop up every 15 seconds.

To make it easy, this Sunday we’re making Fog Creek Copilot absolutely free.

No strings attached. Just go to https://www.copilot.com on Sunday, get a free pass, and we’ll email your mom a link she can click on to download the helper application. It’s really easy.

Twitter twitter'd

Yesterday, on the recommendation of Paul Watson, I signed up at Twitter.  AFAICT, it’s a stream of consciousness communication medium, sort of like IM, but it’s geared toward the SMS crowd.

Anyway, since I signed up, I’ve had nothing but trouble accessing their site.  Apparently they have become too popular too quickly.  Hopefully they get it resolved soon, because I’d really like to test it out.  It seems like a cool idea, and I’d hate to give up on it because they can’t figure out how to scale their application.

Hack of the Day (IE7)

Are you sick of IE7’s default search box, especially since you already have Google Toolbar installed?  Fret no longer.  This handy little guide will show you how to disable it for good.

IE 7 – Remove Search Bar

It worked for me on Windows XP SP2.  I have not tried it on other versions of Windows.

You know you've been writing too much code when…

You have a baby on the way, and last night your dream transitions from a baby sleeping peacefully in a crib, to this:

protected void Page_Load (Object sender, EventArgs e)


    Baby baby = ViewState[“Baby”] as Baby;


    if (baby.IsHungry)

        baby.Feed ();

    if (baby.IsSleeping)

        baby.DoNotDisturb ();

    if (baby.IsCranky)


        if (baby.IsDiaperDirty)

            baby.ChangeDiaper ();


            baby.Slap (); // throws a CallCPSException.  ???



Fer fark’s sake.

  1. That’s just pathetic.  Dreaming about code?  Evidently I need a vacation, and just in time for the new baby to arrive.  Splendid.
  2. Even in my dreams, I make terrible jokes.  You’d think that my resting brain could at least come up with something witty, but no.  Child abuse?  Hardy har har.  Jackass.
  3. Let’s not even talk about the quality of the code.

Listen, Brain, I’m not terribly impressed with your level of activity these days.  First you told me it was a good idea to pass gas in a crowded public elevator.  Then you told me to blame it on the hot chick standing next to me.  I got slapped.  HARD.  And now this?  You’d better pick things up, or, to paraphrase a very wise man, I’ll stab you with a Q-tip.


If you’ve been bitten by the SNAFU that is RegisterFly, there is a new community site that tries to provide help and some answers.  At the very least, you can go there and join the pity party.


And by the way, DO NOT, under any circumstances, submit payment to RegisterFly.  As I understand it, they are now a rogue operation, accepting payment, but not actually registering/renewing your domains.  I urge you to transfer your domains to a new registrar ASAP.  GoDaddy is offering a refugee program:


Maybe ICANN will swoop in on their white horse and save the day, but I wouldn’t count on it.

10 Vista Myths Exposed

I fall into the camp of those guilty of thinking that all that’s new in Vista is the eye candy.  However, Tech Republic says that ain’t so:

Myth #4: The only thing new about Vista is the eye candy

Your first impression of an operating system, like your first impression when meeting another person, is often based on appearance. And Vista’s appearance does make an impression. With Aero Glass turned on, the transparent window borders, 3 D animations, and other visual effects make it clear (no pun intended) that this is a whole new Windows.

However, the changes to Vista amount to more than just a pretty interface. In addition to the security improvements discussed above, many aspects of the operating system have been reworked to improve usability and provide new functionality. For example:

  • The search capabilities have been greatly expanded, so that you can easily find documents, programs, and other objects, and even run applications, from a single box in the Start menu.
  • New productivity applications are built into Vista, including a calendaring/task list program called Windows Calendar and a new, improved address book called Windows Contacts. Together with Windows Mail (the replacement for Outlook Express), these provide much of the same functionality as Outlook, without the need to purchase Office. There are other new built-in applications, too, such as the Snipping Tool that makes it easy to do a screen capture of any desired area without installing third-party software such as SnagIt.
  • Changes to Windows Explorer make it easier to organize and view your files, with more options. For example, you can see thumbnails of all files (not just graphics) and view their contents in the preview pane without opening them, as shown in Figure A […]  

You can preview files in Windows Explorer without opening them.

Explorer also features automatic horizontal scrolling when needed, and you can select multiple files using check boxes instead of the old method of holding down the [Ctrl] key. Many little things make the user experience less frustrating; for example, when you select to rename a file in Explorer, only the filename is changed; by default the extension remains the same.

These are only a few of the new Vista features that can be enjoyed with or without the Aero Glass interface.

Of course, the real reason I want to upgrade to Vista is so that I can start playing with IIS 7, what with its new extensibility, easy management, and gooey modular goodness.  Alas, with Sagara 2.0 on the way, an OS upgrade is suddenly not as high of a priority.  😉

[via LifeHacker]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

Get it while it’s hot: $19 if you pre-order from Amazon.com (ordinarily $35).

July 2007 is going to be a good month, entertainment-wise:

Oh, and I think my wedding anniversary is that month or something.

Disable Snap Previews

Are you sick of those annoying Snap Preview boxes that give you a preview screenshot of the site pointed to by a hyperlink? 

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Well, apparently you can disable them.  The company that provides this intrusive technology actually has a method for you to hide the previews from showing on your computer.  Click here for instructions.

[via LifeHacker]