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Big Boy Bed

We finally converted Trent’s crib into a day bed. The result? On his first night with the Big Boy Bed, he slept in Troy’s bed.

Troy and Trent sharing Troy's bed on the first night that we converted Trent's crib to a day bed

Incline Village

We just got back from six days in Incline Village, NV, and it was GORGEOUS.  We spent time at the beach during the day, and then BBQ’d and drank beer at night.  It was just what I needed to relax and unwind.  I can’t wait to go back.

Braden and Troy playing at Burnt Cedar

Braden and Troy playing at Burnt Cedar

So polite

We’re potty training Troy right now.  While he’s doing a great job with #1, he still needs a little work with #2, but that is neither here nor there.

The really funny thing about watching him go is when he’s all finished and he flushes the toilet.  He gives the swirling water an earnest wave and yells, “Bye-bye, pee-pees, have a good day!  Bye!”

Maybe he’s into that whole karma thing, and he’s trying to stave off future problems with his urinary tract?  Either way, it’s hilarious, and we heartily encourage it.

Mr. Pedantic

Troy and I were in my truck, driving to Nana and Papa’s house.  We had just exited I-5 to get onto Road 102, and we were sitting at a red light.  We had the following exchange:

Troy: What are you doing, Daddy?

Me: Just driving!

Troy: No you’re not; you’re waiting for the light to turn green!

Why, you little…  I guess that’ll teach me to give a non-specific answer to a 2 year-old.

Kids these days.  Sheesh!

Santa Claus is coming


Just another day at the office, playing with blocks. He has no idea what is in store.


Troy just heard a booming “Ho! Ho! Ho!” coming from down the hallway.


And he’d really like to know WTH is going on here! Mama!


Santa comes bearing gifts!


“I still don’t trust you, mofo.”


Note the coaster in Troy’s hand. Even after he’d opened all of his presents, he still preferred to play with the coasters. Probably had something to do with the pictures of golden retrievers on them.


“Okay, fool. We’re cool, I guess.”


Or not…


Troy! Run!


Note the stunning lack of progress compared to the previous picture. This is due to a phenomenon known as “stubby little Japanese legs”, an affliction he shares with his father.


In the end, though, it was a very merry xmas, one I was fortunate to share with my family. Thanks for the great holiday, everyone!


And, Kelly, thanks for the new drawers.