Hitachi to ship 1 TB hard drive this year

1 TB drives getting ready to hit the streets

Ho.  Lee.  Crap.

And they’re only going to cost $400, which will surely go down with time.  Insanity. 

My first computer (Pentium 200 MHz) had a 2 GB hdd, and that was top of the line at the time.  1 TB?  That’s just ridiculous.  And my coworker just informed me that Seagate plans to have a 37.5 TB drive out in a couple of years.

This is great news considering that I am the recipient of a brand new Nikon D80.  Since I am just now learning how to use it, you can bet that there will be gigs and gigs of “learning” photos.

Yes, I love technology…  But not as much as you, you see…  Always and forever…