Food. Good.


I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who brought us dinners over the past week.  I have seen it done in the past for friends and coworkers who’d just had a new baby, but until you’re the couple actually trying to figure out this little gizmo they call a “child”, you don’t realize how nice it is to not have to worry about preparing meals for yourselves.

So, from Kelly and me, a BIG thanks goes out to the following people for making this transition that much easier:

  • Grandma and Grandpa Sagara (several times over)
  • Grandma Scott (several times over)
  • Christi and Garey White
  • Beau and Michelle Offner

We owe you big time.  And all of the meals were fabulous, especially the home-cooked ones, which were easily Restaurant Quality™.

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